About Our Organization

The Victoria Playhouse is a registered charity that develops, produces, and presents professional performance and community-based events. Our shows encompass theatre, music, and storytelling for a wide audience, reflecting and nourishing the intergenerational, artisanal community to which we belong. We also provide a platform for invited artists with different perspectives to enrich our cultural experiences. We aim to entertain, engage, and inspire our audiences, with work that resonates with rural sensibilities on a local level, across the Island, throughout the Atlantic provinces, the Mi’kmaq Confederacy, and across the country. On average, the Playhouse presents close to seventy performances a year and during the peak season (July through September), operates seven days a week. We offer concerts, plays, talks, and theatre classes in beautiful Victoria-by-the-Sea, operating out of the historic Community Hall at the exact centre of the village.