Artist Statement

My creativity is MEDICINE to me. Whether writing poetry, painting art, making jewelry, hand weaving, sewing a puppet or bear together, carving out the possibilities in wood or creating art from upcycled treasures I find on the beach. I always loved photography. I received my first camera when I was 13yrs old, long before this digital age! I am interested learning more about film making and hope one day my ideas and contributions can bring healing, hope, awakening and unity to the world we live in.


I grew up on the main street of a small French town in Ontario where my parents, in 1974 open a small art/crafts store in the front of our home. My father managed a box manufacturing plant where I learn about production, design and hard labor. I studied art and drama while in high school. I really was hoping to pursue performing arts but unfortunately, my lack of confidence, my mental health and life choices brought me towards more difficult places where I raised two children on my own, working hard to survive. I studied holistic nutrition and worked in the health industry for many years which helped me find balance and wellness also helping other to do so too. All the while having only pockets of time to create, I did sense that creativity was an area where I found solace and happiness.

When I moved to PEI in 2015 my goal was to become an artisan and have my own shop one day. The relationship that brought me here didn't last but I believe there was a higher purpose for me to staying in PEI. I worked in shops and tourism I gain the understanding of needs and possibilities. In 2017, I made many profound connections within the indigenous communities here, which serendipitously lead me to deeper healing and understanding of the land we walk on. Many friendships were made. I have several  indigenous ancestors, I acknowledge their existence as they were forced to assimilate and lose their identity in the formation of this country. So I honor them here with my words and my work. 

In 2019, my friendship with Misel Julian, a Mi'kmaq dancer, artist and knowledge keeper, led to our partnership. We both enjoyed the creative arts and wanted to explore selling our goods at various markets. We travelled throughout the Maritimes at indoor/outdoor markets as well as here in Charlottetown.  Misel encouraged me to share my creations publicly for which I am forever grateful for him seeing and believing in me.

In 2022, I participated in the Backstage Props Apprenticeship at the Confederation Arts Center and learned about a to z props building with Natalie Tsang. Also I met many other wonderful creative people who partook of the collaboration of bringing a theatrical performance together!

Recently, I attended the Women in Film workshops offered by Film PEI, hosted by Shannon Shura and Danielle Villard which successful encouraged to come out the cave and join the Film PEI membership. Since first writing this biography I've now participated in various Film PEI Workshops and I'm hoping to be on crew this summer with Film4ward.