Artist Statement

After over 16 years of performing in plays, musicals, commercials, short films, dinner theatre and more, there are two things I've learned:

  1. I love my craft
  2. I will never be finished learning about it.

Exploring the masks of each character feeds my soul, and with that exploration, I always learn more about myself along the way.


Born and raised in London Ont, I found myself on the stage for the first time at the age of 16 playing Prince John in a production of "The Lion In Winter". That was when I was "bitten". From that point until college, I found myself in the cast of over 15 stage productions ranging from community theatre, Fringe Festival shows, and professional productions as well as my first feature film and commercial set. I attended St. Clair College's Musical Theatre Performance program, and directly afterwards became a resident player at the "Oh Canada Eh?!" dinner theatre in Niagara Falls for over 6 years. During that time, I traveled with that group to several provinces for performances as well as performing in small shows in Toronto and London.

After COVID I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream, and started my own acting studio for kids called The Stafford Acting Studio. Small to start, my goal was to provide kids with tools to help them build confidence when going into an audition. By the end, the kids would have a fully worked and audition ready monologue, and have experience with self taping and live auditioning.

Feeling an energetic pull to move to the Island, right away my wife and I were welcomed with open arms with Feast dinner theatre in Summerside. Since then, I have performed in the short film "Deceptive Shadows",  a regional commercial for Kent Hardware AND Atlantic Credit Union and more. Furthermore, I am now the Acting Program Director at 24Strong in Charlottetown.