Artist Statement

Drawing from ancestral beats I fuse freedom of wheels with inner portals of healing,a return to play/center when all else is raging! Always within advocacy, Finding fire or Flow &resurfacing in rollermagik! The Joy of skating has pushed me through traumas, taught transferable life hacks in patience,consistency,boundaries &Alchemy! Continuing this love through every fall,failed trick,creative block fuels my fire for watching self &others grow. I honor Black skateculture,infusing my body positive,feel-good style of skate &hoping to form a sick BIPOC Skate Club along the way!


Hello!! I’m Yigale Nyado, taking on the persona DuttySkates when I hit concrete/wood. I graduated with a BA.Honors in Economics and work as a Retirement Specialist in Charlottetown, PEI which helps fund my skate obsession & growing hobby list. Juggling ways to weave several passions in poetry/storytelling, dance, photography, film, and music, I picked up rollerskating between the pandemic funk a yr/half ago with the goal of practicing everyday to get better! As part of my [NOW COMPLETED] 365skatechallenge, I pushed myself to be intentional, posting daily skate drills showing the highs and lows of grinding through skills. Surprised myself and can now claim park, rhythm, jam skate skills +counting as I grow more confident in the craft. Getting to skate multiple Gigs for my BIPOC & Queer community in and out of PEI, teaching friends and seeking out new outdoor spaces to roll has been beyond gratifying. I look forward to infecting unsuspecting strangers with skate joy and building a thriving community that supports each other!

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