Hi! I’m Yigale Nyado a multidisciplinary artist and bare-footer of adventures when I’m not on rollerskates! You’ll find me revising old poems, capturing loved ones, candid happenings, self portraits & dancing to heartbreak songs. Graduated YorkU with a BA.Honors in Economics and work as a Retirement Specialist in Charlottetown, PEI which helps fund my skate obsession & growing hobby list. I was honored to debut my first (Public) spoken Word piece “UnGodly Hours” at the ‘While Black’ Art Exhibition showing at the The Guild which was also requested to be part of PEI’s First Trans Anthology being published. My Rollerskate fever has seen me book multiple gigs between the last 2years and intend on extending that track record (see  )

Currently my art is branching into a deeper focus in the Film industry to appease my love for writing & helping bring ideas to life on screen. So far my works have been mostly personal via video diaries, blog articles and spontaneous nature projects! Now pushing myself to explore more contractual/professional work I’ve been immersing myself in FilmPei workshops in order to transfer my creative skills on set. By completing multiple FilmPEI trainings like Grip&Lighting, DOP & Camera Prep, WomenInFilm & [upcoming]Assistant Directing workshops, I’m laying the groundwork for later roles in making Short Films; eventually aim to leave my mark bringing audiences deep feeling in theatres. Really excited about future collaborations and dreamscapes!

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