Artist Statement

I am a collaborative theatre artist. Growing up underhoused and always on the move motivated me to seek connection and common ground, foundations of my work. I’m drawn to situations that ask for careful negotiations of the delicate spaces between people, subjectivities, and artistic practices. Curiosity, hospitality, and trust are my strongest muscles. I like to grow from where I am, with the tools at hand as my inspiration, challenging myself to do only what’s necessary for the art to flourish. I prize artistic freedom, expecting it and allowing it whenever possible. I am most proud of the opportunities I’ve created for other artists.


I made an autobiographical piece, My Pregnant Brother, followed by a collaboration with my brother James Diamond, a multidisciplinary trans artist, called My Playwright Sister. This process ignited a passion for working with the coexistence of different truths, which became the basis for my company, creature/creature. Current projects include collaborations with Algonquin art star Nadia Myre: in A Casual Reconstruction and STRIKE/THRU, we use play to explore the Settler-Indigenous dynamic. Curating Centaur Theatre’s Annual WildSide Festival in Montreal for 7 years, I loved how the juxtaposition of vastly dissimilar works could strengthen each other by creating an overall sense of surprise and delight in the audiences, opening them up to new perspectives. I am continuing this work now, as Artistic Director of Victoria Playhouse, a live performance venue in Victoria-by-the-Sea.