Artist Statement

My real passion lies in working on projects that lift voices and tell stories that aren’t often heard in typical theatre spaces.


What people have to say about Grace:

“She could stand to lose a little weight, but aside from that, she’s in good health.”
~ Family Physician

Person A: “I think I’ve heard of her… she’s awesome!”
Person B: “Wait, is this one of those ‘Talking to Americans’ things?”
Person A: “…”
~ Random strangers at Royalty Mall

“When are you feeding me?”
~ Chicken Nugget, cat


Clearly loved by all, I was born and raised on PEI but spent a good amount of time living off the Island exploring myself and other cities in Canada.

At no point in my life did I have any pull or desire toward the world of theatre or performance.

And yet, here I am.

In 2016, I wanted to try something new and volunteered to assist with ACT (a community theatre)’s production of Little Shop of Horrors.

I’ve been hooked since.

Volunteering for productions lead to creating a couple my own shows, being hired to help in the production of other shows, and becoming the Executive Director of The Island Fringe Festival.