Artist Statement

100+ Impressions, Accents and Voices. My mission is to bring joy, authenticity, and professionalism to every project I undertake. In a world that is using more and more AI voice work, I strive to find the humor and humanity in every script and the heart in every character.


I am a social worker by training, and a voice actor in my soul.

I have been doing voices and impressions since I was a child. Did some paid work busking and doing childrens parties. Recently been doing some uncredited voice work for a small YouTube Channel. Was sick in December and lost my voice for a few months. The grief I felt not having the ability to practice and perform over the last few months has reminded me why I need to do this, and how fragile and fleeting our ability and talents are.  Reachout and lets see if there is a project we can collaborate on. Will volunteer time on occassion for the right project or person.

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