I've been a lifelong artist, knowing since age 12 that I wanted a career in a creative industry. I attended a regional arts high school for visual arts, took fashion in college and costume studies in university. I've been making costumes based on designs from pop culture media since 2004, which inspired me to want to work in film and television wardrobe/costume departments. I've got experience working on a small indie short film and theatre plays. I started selling decorative fabric cuffs and other wearable forms of art on Etsy in 2009 under the name Kuko Creations. Much of my jewelry work is self-taught. I like to dabble in different styles and techniques, but I tend to stick to vintage styles and geek culture influence. I am skilled in illustration, digital art, sewing and pattern drafting, fashion and costume design, beading, wire-wrapping, clay modeling, and resin crafting.