Artist Statement

With over ten years of experience with horses and my love for the Film & Television Industry, I plan to someday combine the two on a project by continuing to work on my skills in both areas. 

In my process and work as an artist, I try to bring compassion for the outsider. Personalizing connections through music, movement, exploration, as well as developing empathy and understanding within the scope of connections, stories and characters!


Hi, I'm Danielle M. Villard an Actress, Creative, Coordinator & Production Assistant. As a strong willed, enthusiastic professional, experienced in the entertainment and hospitality industries, I spend my day working at FilmPEI as the Film Programs Coordinator, and continue to grow and work on my skills. As a graduate of Vancouver Film School, driven towards acting with a Diploma in Acting for Film and Television, I am looking to refocus my career to be in front of the Camera.
Most recently I was a lead on the Short Film "Deceptive Shadows" in February 2024. Thanks to networking with industry folks since moving back to PEI in 2019, I had the opportunity for background acting on the sets of PEI Feature Films "A Small Fortune" and (uncredited) "Who's Yer Father?" now streaming on Paramount Plus, as well as the set for the proof of concept Short "Currie". "Dream Waves" is a short I created on my own, which screened at City Cinema on August 24th, 2023 thanks to This Town Is Small - Small Screen Series. Having also expanded with training from the D.G.C., I.A.T.S.E., and FilmPEI for work behind the scenes, I've worked on PEI short films such as "Sunnyside", "Sea Salt", and "The Gardener". 
At home I have two cats, Lady Jane (orange & white tabby) and Lady Kiara (Torbi/Caliby), and when I have the space, someday I will have a dog.