Artist Statement

I am a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn illustration, digital illustration, packaging, and graphic design. I primarily focus on a hands-on approach, doing whatever I can by hand when I can.

Select Clients are local businesses, entrepreneurs, and bands who require an illustrator/designer who can help their brand look both professional and interesting to compete with their arch-nemesis...


I've been drawing since high school. My influences include the late Kim Jung Gi, Hayao Miyazaki, and Llew Mejia. I've done many hand-drawn posters for local bands (hope to do more) and digital illustrations for businesses and other small jobs. I spend lots of my free time drawing comics for my PEEPs brand.

I went to school at Holland College for graphic design and developed a deep respect for the discipline. I've worked on many brands here on PEI, and many projects in the local marketing industry via my years working at Insight Studio. I have experience working on books, website graphics, logos, posters, booklets, and pretty much anything that will be presented outward to the public.

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