Artist Statement

I relish cultural activities at home and abroad, and find that traveling enriches both my life and my art. The vibrancy of colour, texture and distinctive terrain in locations such as Peru, Mexico and Thailand infuses my own colour palette, particularly within my abstract paintings. Throughout most of my career, I have painted in a realist or ‘natural’ style, depicting scenic landscapes, people and imagery characteristic of the beautiful places I have visited and lived.


Clow's artistic expression started out as a toddler doing wall murals in her family home and had many generations of artist including her mom and a well-known great Uncle Randolph Nicholson which inspired her. With her parents’ encouragement she continued her journey, to become a successful and international artist, that took her to paint and sell in exotic destinations such as Sligo Ireland, Mexico, Peru and in Thailand etc. She believes in continuing education so Clow attended Faux Finishing School at Louisville Kentucky.  Her father was a born salesman and it’s through him she learned the fine art of selling and marketing her art. She started out at smaller exhibitions such as the juried Lunenburg Craft Fest, Christmas at the Form, Whole Sale Gift Show, Dalplex and Boat Show in Halifax, Acadian University Craft /Art Show and various community art shows in and around Nova Scotia. It is through these kinds of exhibits that Clow could make a living as an artist and become very well known.

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