Artist Statement

Primarily work in genre with a strong interest in comedy, satire and absurdist pieces.


Céleste McNiven is a neurodivergent bilingual filmmaker based in Prince Edward Island and Montreal, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Concordia University. Céleste's expertise in producing is showcased through a supernatural TV series, SEA SALT, of which the proof-of-concept has been recognized in Atlantic Canada at various film festivals in 2023.

Simultaneously, Céleste is immersed in creative endeavors, developing a bilingual genre period-piece feature and a magical realism comedy short. Beyond her leading roles, she brings a versatile skill set, having worked in the production design department and as a script supervisor on various projects.

Currently participating in the Whistler Film Festival PEI Market Accelerator Talent Lab, Céleste is dedicated to continuous growth equally pursuing a certificate in Contemporary Arts Management at the University of New Brunswick. With a keen eye for storytelling and a collaborative spirit, Céleste McNiven crafts compelling narratives.