About Our Organization

The River Clyde Pageant is a non-profit organization that unites local creators, volunteers & professional artists across cultures & creative practices in the making of ambitious, awe-inspiring outdoor theatre and seasonal events.

Our central project is our eponymous summer production, created and performed on a hillside in New Glasgow, PEI, overlooking the River Clyde, in July and August each year. Our season also includes Sharing the Field, a weekend celebration of art, food and community during the fall harvest, and the River Clyde Solstice Walk, a winter lantern walk on the darkest day of the year.

We nourish our community by presenting a season of events that celebrates local talent & stories, offers opportunities for creative skills development & mentorship, and delivers accessible and unparalleled programming that values artistic risk, long-term engagement and environmental stewardship.

The River Clyde Pageant was established in 2015 by theatre artists Ker Wells and Megan Stewart. It is a charitable non-profit operating under the legal name The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival Inc.