Artist Statement

Promise Ojo, an introverted artist, merges traditional art with cutting-edge technology. He believes technology enriches the art world, allowing for fresh narratives. His inspiration comes from life's complexity, expressed through art that captures raw emotions and humanity. His work explores the choice between following prescribed paths or forging one's own.


Promise is an artist, with a BSc in computer programming  from the University of Prince Edward Island and has most notably being nominated for the Charlottetown arts award in 2021. With a profound grasp of technology and software systems, he finds himself immersed in the captivating realm where art and technology intersect. His knowledge extends far beyond mere familiarity; it's a passionate pursuit that fuels his curiosity and creativity. But his fascination with technology is not just a technical pursuit; it's a means to unlock the boundless possibilities that lie within the world of art. He believes that technology when harnessed effectively, can amplify and expand the creative horizons of artists in ways previously unimaginable.