Michael McQuaid works with wood because it is an extremely versatile material that produces many functional shapes and textures that can be used and admired at the same time. He uses North American woods like walnut, cherry, maple and ash in his shop in Emyvale, PE. He works in a relatively small area with an easily accessible building for finishing. The space was built to be a free and creative and has evolved to a studio more than a shop. This is because his career in woodworking began with a year long course at the local college but veered toward hardwood furniture and crafts. This experience with crafts, hardwood furniture and cabinetry projects lead him to producing more artistic projects with a sovereign and unique style of functional art furniture and carving.
While there will always be some conformities in the business of woodworking. Michael McQuaid has come to know that woodworking -as an art- is extremely creative and this has allowed him to be free and create with form and shape unique to his vision.

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