Artist Statement

After having worked in multiple genres and mediums of visual story-telling, I am finding my voice in narrative filmmaking. I want to push boundaries and experiment to maximize both the emotional and intellectual response of my audience as I seek to better understand the human condition.


Jacob was born and raised just north of Toronto, Canada; and at the age of six, armed with his father’s camcorder, making movies with his family and friends, he began his life as a director, editor, and writer. He now proudly calls Prince Edward Island his home.

In 2014, he founded Cedar Box Videography; marketing large brands, filming events, and producing commercial content. In 2016 he co-founded Human Moves Media, creating online content, short films, and television series.

Jacob has worked as a director and editor across short films (Editor: In My Heart (2021), Director/Writer/Editor: People You May Know (2017) Director/Writer/Editor: Pay Me (2016)), short documentaries, music videos, web series (Adulting: Year One (2019), and television (The Community Players seasons 1 and 2 (2021) as well as an award winning short and finalist in the 48hour Film Festival: Earworm (2020) and most recently Finale (2021); some of which have been screened at film festivals and on major streaming platforms.

Jacob’s work reflects his passion for energetic, engaging story-telling and a sharp eye for detail.

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