Artist Statement

In my work, I delve into identity and heritage, curating narratives to enrich our shared history. My documentaries serve as archives, nurturing evolving and transmitted knowledge, reclaiming body reappropriation and ecological awareness. Through filmmaking, podcasting, and writing, I aim to share stories that prompt societal reflection and challenge notions like territory and essence, all within an intersectional feminist framework.


I am a French-Canadian filmmaker and podcaster, residing in PEI for the past three years. My educational background includes a bachelor's degree in journalism from Montreal, a master's in political and institutional communication from Madrid, and another master's in teaching French as a second language from Paris. This diverse range of experiences has honed my storytelling skills, leading me to co-found a content company five years ago, and now, transition into a full-time role as a documentarian. My artistic journey is showcased in works such as "The Little Blue Blouse," a short documentary that follows a cotton piece from an indigo master in Kyoto to innovative designers in Montreal, highlighting the universality of artistry and sustainable fashion. This project also reconnects me with my mother's world of fashion and textiles. On a different note, "Correspondence Poem or Mirror Island" delves into personal introspection, set against the serene backdrop of PEI, and explores themes of non-maternity, belonging, and my evolving identity as a female artist. My artistic explorations span cinema, poetry, podcasting, and photography, reflecting my global experiences and emphasizing stories of transmission, multiculturalism, crafts, and sustainability, all viewed through an intersectional feminist lens.