I'm BJ Sandiford, and I have been a flame-worker and metalsmith for over ten years. Using my skill set, I create the glass components for a clean, simple collection of contemporary jewellery. I just love colour, especially the light that passes through transparent colour.

I grew up in Ottawa and lived in the Arctic for twelve years before moving to Prince Edward Island in 1998. Originally I studied clothing design and I've sewn everything from tents to ball gowns, skiwear to sealskin backpacks. I studied metalwork at Arctic College in Iqaluit, Nunavut and after moving to PEI, added flame-work to my jewellery-making skills.

I hand make as much of each piece as I can because I enjoy the process. It's slow and careful and intentional. It's love-made!

My greatest reward is when someone says "It makes me smile every time I wear it."

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