Artist Statement

Being a drag artist embodies so many skills that one may not realize. I'm a performer, show host, make up artist, wig and costume designer, show producer, event planner, social media manager, community outreach, etc. Being a drag queen is a job that is political but still is entertainment. Drag is very new to the island and is growing. My goals are to be able to outreach to many company’s, venues and people so that we can bring more queer friendly events to PEI. I’ve been successful in bringing drag shows for the first time to different rural parts of PEI. Being a trailblazer here on PEI for the Queer community is a huge reason why I push forward to keep doing what I’m doing. I must admit that this is still my art form and I want to be the best of the best at it. I hope to one day be a well know drag artist and perhaps one day make it on national television because of being a drag artist.


I’m a drag artist, producer and entrepreneur here on PEI. I’m currently working with venues to bring more drag events to the island. I’ve been on CBC radio and featured in a few local papers on my work. I started drag out in Alberta where I worked with a community organization called ISCWR. We raised funds for queer charities threw drag shows. I design all of my own wigs and costumes. I’ve been trying to bring drag to rural parts of the island to show those who may not know about the queer community that we exists and it’s ok to be who they are. I bring poi and flag spinning into my acts to really elevate the showmanship of my acts. I’m still developing my persona through developing my make skills, sewing abilities, hosting skills, and my in person interactions with community members.

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