Artist Statement

This life's journey has led me to find my own path by spending intimate moments with Mother Earth, creating my own ceremonies, building bridges to my ancestors, and translating what I see and hear into visual stories that make sense to me intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. My creative voice is an expression of my very being and I am so excited that so many are resonating with it! The paintings I create are meant be enjoyed on many levels. We all interpret from our own lens of life experience and if my visual storytelling makes you smile or brings you a sense of peace or triggers transformation, well that's super cool!


Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Renée has a BFA from the University of Toronto and currently lives and creates in Prince Edward Island. After years of working to find her voice as an artist, Renée has developed a style that is uniquely hers. The stories told in each painting are inspired by Renée’s past and present day experiences intermingled with nature and local PEI landscapes. Underlying all of her work is an intense interest in mystical interconnection of the physical and non-physical realms.

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