Artist Statement

The Prairie sky was the backdrop of my childhood and my art practice, which I began at age 11, is my way of attempting to capture the awe nature made me feel. My personal philosophy is that one should get to know their immediate environment first and foremost, so my work now centres on the Epekwitk (PEI) landscape and the aspects of it that evoke emotions within all who experience it. My focus is oil paints (though sometimes only watercolour will do) and, as much as possible, the untouched-by-humans side of nature. I run a small business called Tall Pines ( and I currently work in a small independent studio gallery with my partner John Cox and fellow artist Emily Howard: we're located at 85 Fitzroy (3rd Floor), Charlottetown.


I was born and raised in southeastern Manitoba, in the Red River French-Métis community, which is where the majority of my family remains. I attended college in Ottawa for Interior Design and lived there for a time, afterwards. I have been part of the Architecture industry here in PEI since 2006, while simultaneously working on my art practice. Besides painting, I also explore object design and textiles (weaving) and am an avid gardener.