Artist Statement

In my art, I tell stories with pictures to help people understand feelings and thoughts. I want to make people think and feel deeply about life. I hope my art makes people connect better and see the beauty in being human.


Born in Mauritius, Muhammad discovered his passion for acting at the age of 5, captivating audiences in local theatre productions. However, it was behind the scenes where his true passion lay. From the age of 16, Muhammad found himself drawn to the intricate art of film editing, revelling in the opportunity to weave narratives and shape stories with his keen eye and technical prowess. With each project, from football highlights to event coverage, he honed his skills, demonstrating an innate talent for capturing the essence of moments on camera.

His journey took a transformative turn upon moving to Prince Edward Island, Canada, to pursue his education at UPEI. Here, Muhammad immersed himself in the vibrant Canadian entertainment industry, where he seized every opportunity to indulge his love for editing. Starting as an electrician on the union show "Diggstown," he quickly transitioned into indie filmmaking, relishing the chance to bring his editing skills to the forefront. Whether crafting music videos, pitch reels, or short films, Muhammad's passion for editing shone through as he revelled in the creative process and the power to shape narratives.

In 2024, Muhammad reached a pivotal moment in his career as he made his directorial debut with the upcoming film "Deceptive Shadows." Despite his love for editing, this milestone marked a new chapter in his journey as a filmmaker, showcasing his versatility and determination to pursue his artistic vision. With his unwavering passion for storytelling and unparalleled enjoyment of the editing process, Muhammad continues to push the boundaries of cinema, leaving an indelible mark on the industry as he forges ahead into a future brimming with promise and potential.