Artist Statement

Currently I am focusing on what goes into filmmaking.  I want to make my own short film. My style, I think, would be fun, adventurous and heartwarming.


Science degree, mom degree, amateur drummer, a wannabe creative, hiking enthusiast. And lover of animals, especially cats. :). Hi. I am a future amateur filmmaker. Over the last few years I have been taking online courses related to film making such as screenwriting and film editing. In the last year, to better my understanding of what goes into film making I have been attending introductory courses in my area. I have so far attended some introductory workshops from the DGC maritime on Set PA Fundamentals, Introduction to the Assistant Director Department with a focus on 3rd and 4th ADs and Location PA Fundamentals. I have also attended the Females in Film workshop series to help me figure out where I would like to focus on. I enjoy screenwriting and I want to try a few other roles like directing, editing  and possibly producing but there is so much to learn and so many roles. So in the meantime I will just keep learning.