Artist Statement

As an artist, my creativity has always been central to my career choices. I have been fortunate to carve out my unique path in the creative community on Prince Edward Island. My journey has been shaped by educators who recognized my potential and encouraged me when needed. They taught me that the words we use with students have power and can change their trajectory. As a teacher, I have been able to do the same for my students, empowering them as adult learners and helping them define their success. I'm highly empathetic and intuitive, with a strong sense of fairness in learning. Outside the classroom, I have volunteered with community organizations and host Dotgain, PEI's creativity conference, bringing together students and industry professionals. 


I have extensive experience in the graphic design field and have taught in both the Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia programs at Holland College. I am skilled in teaching typography, prepress, web design, design for digital media, and project management. I  have also organized the Dotgain creativity conference and provided professional development opportunities for industry members and students. I graduated from the Visual Communications program at Holland College and the Multimedia Educational Learning Technologies program at NBCC.  Prior to teaching at the college, I worked as an educational software developer and as a designer with the GraphCom Group.