Jim Aquilani is a native of San Diego who now calls Prince Edward Island home. As a child, Jim's parents introduced him to many different artistic disciplines. This early introduction to the art world made an impact that sent Jim on his own journey of self expression.

As he got older, Jim gravitated towards architecture and graphic design. While in high school he attended Saturday courses for graphic design and  jewellery making, at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Learning to combine his love of nature and its organic forms, with more linear elements, opened a world of possibilities for self-expression. Jim went on to enroll at Tyler and completed two semesters after which he has been solely self-taught.

After leaving Tyler Jim spent the next twenty years away from the bench working at various jobs and saving to someday afford his own studio. During that time he never stopped sketching his design ideas.

In 2007 he went on to build his own studio space and began his artistic journey anew.           Jim now creates wearable works of art using precious and semi- precious metals, age old metal smithing techniques,and new and unusual processes and odd materials. 

Artist Statement I am a primarily self-taught creative jewellery designer. Inspiration for my work can vary from the architecture of city centres, to the red sand shores of Prince Edward Island, the place I call home.

In the creation of my pieces, I utilize age old metal-smithing techniques along with new and unusual processes. It is not uncommon to sketch a design idea and then problem solve in order to see my sketch realized in three dimensions.

My work can include, but is not limited to, precious and semi-precious metals, stone, bone, marbles,diamonds and various oddities. I enjoy exploring the physical properties of odd materials in order to create new and unusual visual effects. 

I find the creation of my pieces to be instrumental in not only expressing who I am as an artist, but also as a therapeutic outlet. For me, knowing that my pieces are being worn and appreciated by people worldwide brings me supreme satisfaction.

I love doing what I do!

My work has been featured at The Confederation Centre Art Gallery, The Lefurgey Cultural Centre, The Guild, Walker's Studio Gallery and the Eptek Centre all located on Prince Edward Island. Additionally, I was featured in a documentary-

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